Workers on strike

Have You Received a Petition or Are You Fighting a Union?

Our experience in legally conducting customized counter organizing campaigns can keep your workplace UNION - FREE! And, our unique WEB-BASED program will save you thousands of dollars and will get the job done!

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Union Decertification

Do Your Employees Want to Get Rid of Their Union?

Have your unionized employees expressed a desire to be Union Free?
How management can legally call for an NLRB Election to decide the issue of Unionization!

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supervisor trainging

Are Your Supervisors Prepared?

Are your supervisors up to date on the latest legal developments?
Do you need front line supervisor training in Spanish?
Supervisor training is available with our consultants on-site or via WEB CONFERENCE.

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Employee Handbook

Is Your Employee Handbook Updated?

An Employee Handbook is a necessary tool for all employers. EMSI can help you design, translate and present a customized employee handbook.

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Employee Opinion Surveys

Do You Know What Your Employees Are Thinking?

Employee opinion surveys can offer a good starting point to understanding how they feel about their jobs and management.

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Does Your Company Need a Translator or Employee Related Material Translated?

EMSI's multilingual - multicultural staff can help you prepare translate and present essential employee communication.

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EMSI Consulting is a leader in labor relations and management training. Watch this video for a brief overview of our management consulting services for Anti-Union Campaigns, Supervisor Trainings, Employee Opinion Surveys and various Human Resource or Labor Relations issues. Learn how EMSI Consulting can help your company today and into the future!

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Four Reasons to Contact Us


EMSI has over 30 years of experience working with corporations of all sizes (6 – 14000 employees) in multiple Industries (Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality, etc.) and in multiple locations (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South Korea)



EMSI will always work to customize our services to meet YOUR NEEDS! We work with your on-site management team to review what you have done already and we will use what has worked and change what hasn’t.


EMSI’s Multilingual-Multicultural staff brings a diverse professional background to each assignment.
We will always look to exactly match the skills needed for the assignment with the proper consultant for the job. Our Quality Assurance monitoring by a Project manager and satisfaction by the client guaranteed!


You will find that we are always competitive with the top service provider’s in our industry. Project fees can be structured on an hourly Fee for Service basis, Per-Diem fixed fee or Project Based.

Ask us about our unique ” You Name the Price” arrangement.

Watch Our President Testify to the NLRB

He Tesitifies against the UNFAIR Ruling of “Ambush Elections”

Memo to the NLRB, Follow your Rules, Let the Voters Vote!


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) exists for the purpose of protecting the rights of employees regarding the subject of unionization at their workplaces. The most fundamental and protected way to ensure that workers maintain their right to choose is through an NLRB Secret Ballot Election. Sounds Fair enough and it has generally worked fine throughout my 33 years as …

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A Union is a Union, Right?

Written by William Lulias, Senior Labor Consultant Interestingly, I have been asked that question several times in the course of …

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