Effective Management Systems  International (EMSI) is a Multilingual / Multicultural Management Consulting  firm that specializes in the area of Human Resources Management and Labor  Relations issues.

Established  in the Southern California area more than 30 years ago, EMSI has provided professional  consultant services to clients in the U.S.  and Internationally (Canada, Mexico & South Korea). 

Its current  headquarters is in Chicago,  Illinois.

The  Multilingual – Multicultural professional capabilities of the EMSI staff  have proven to be essential for those companies that face the additional challenges of managing a modern multicultural – multilingual workforce.

As a consulting firm that represents Management exclusively, EMSI is very much aware of the importance of  maintaining a company’s competitive position and PROFITABILITY by the design and implementation of company policies and programs that enhance communication and  EFFICIENCY!

Our  “Hands-On” approach to the completion of assignments is the key  element to obtaining a true understanding of the issues involved and in  securing the goals of the project.

Our  services are prepared and carried out with full management involvement and with  the understanding  that  ……..