Are You Ready for an Ambush?

Our panel of experts discuss current legal and congressional updates on the fight against the unfair NLRB Ruling tat takes effect April 14, 2015. Also, you will learn new and valuable tips and strategies from EMSI consultants to help with Union Avoidance in your company!


Click here to view the slide presentation for Ambush Election Update and Strategies

Is Your EverReady Team Ready?

With the impending changes in Union Elections, that the NLRB will begin to impose April 2015, EMSI President Edgardo Villanueva and Employment and Labor Attorney Alan Kaplan, have presented a webinar to an audience of diverse ┬ácompanies ┬ápresenting a strategy of having an EverReady Team. The team would be able and prepared to handle the threats of “Ambush Elections”